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Famous Taxi has a long-term close relationship with major banks. We have been looking for the most suitable bank for different types of customers to carry out the operation to meet the customer’s ideal repayment requirements. Since different cases have different handling methods, if the customers want to know more details, please come to us to inquire about various payment plans. The company will try its best to provide you with free professional consulting services to solve all kinds of confusion in your heart.


Maintenance service

Customers who belong to us or visit our company to buy and sell taxi services can use our professional service taxi service when necessary. If there is any problem with the taxi vehicle, you can come to our company or our partner for repair. We have partners in Hong Kong and Kowloon who can provide professional repair services to our customers, so there is no need to worry about regional issues.


Custody program

In the past, most of the customers who bought taxis were mainly self-use. Until recently, many investors began to find that short-term investment taxis can get a good return, but more investors have a long-term investment in the management of the company to obtain Long-term stable rental income. The hosting services provided by us include rent collection, repair and maintenance. We welcome all types of customers to participate in the sale of taxis or custody of taxis. If you are interested, please call or email us to find out more.


Taxi insurance

Insurance has always been a complex issue involving multiple areas. It is easy for customers not to know which one to buy or to understand what their insurance will cover. With years of service experience, we can explain by using simple words to the customer and provide customers with insurance services that meet their needs. If the customer needs to apply for renewal of insurance, renewal of vehicle license. The company can also assist the customer to achieve their goal. We hope our one-stop service can help our customer to cut the waste of time by using the least effort.


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Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquires