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Our website will keep the latest price as possible, but the taxi license price is not stable for a long time. In extreme cases, there may be many changes within 12 hours; therefore, if it wants to know and confirm that the latest price at the time calling us by phone will be the safest way to know the price at the time.

In addition to the provision of taxi services, the company also provides taxi management services to offer a complete after-sales service for buyers who do not know how to manage taxis.

The risks of buying and selling taxis are the price of the taxi’s license could be affected by environmental, economic factors, interest rate movements, bank loans and taxi driver income, etc., are the risks that need to be faced and aware of it.

According to the Transport Department’s database, there are around 100 taxi licence transactions every month.

The basic price of taxis is market-oriented. There is an approximate “common price” every day. As for why there is a difference between the dealers, the price difference is because some car dealers are having a large market demand or market surplus at a particular period.  However, taxi licences are bought and sold in an open market, so there is generally will not have a large difference in price.

Registering as a taxi driver only needs to bring the relevant documents to the company. Materials requiring for registration include Hong Kong ID card, taxi driver’s license, proof of address (within three months while apply for it), Hong Kong driver’s license (requires license No. 1, 6).

No! Because there is no employment relationship between the driver and the owner, the driver is only renting the car from the owner.

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