Taxi Insurance

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Taxi insurance

According to the requirements of the Transport Department, all drivers must purchase motor vehicle insurance. Taxi insurance has three different schemes:

Comprehensive insurance

Among them, the most comprehensive insurance for comprehensive insurance is also the highest. This insurance plan guarantees close to all the circumstances. However, no insurance can be 100%. Even the most comprehensive insurance has exceptions. If you want to know the details of this, please call our company.。

No claim discount

One of the most popular items in private car insurance is the Claims Free Discount (NCD), which specifies that as long as you have not claimed the insured in the past year, you will receive a discount on insurance costs, increasing every year until the peak. Taxi insurance can also have the same discount and the discounts obtained are the same as those obtained by private cars.

Insurance Renewal

The company holds relevant insurance intermediary licenses to undertake various types of taxi insurance, comprehensive insurance for new cars, third-party insurance. We can handle different kinds of insurance for the owners and drivers. The relevant premiums are determined by factors such as the age of the car, the price of the new vehicle, the current valuation, etc., to determine which type of insurance and the amount of protection.

If you want to renew your license fee, you need to include relevant documents:
  • Vehicle registration certificate

  • Qualification paper for inspection

  • Hong Kong Identity Card

  • Address proof (valid for three months on the day of application)

  • Renewal of vehicle license application

  • Taxi parking place notice

Renewal fee

Taxi fees Regardless of the engine capacity, taxi owners must pay a vehicle license fee of HK$3,159 per year.


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